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Molly & Bev

Happiness is Home-Made...

We bring a taste of home and family to everything we do. Each day you'll find Beverly Bruce, together with her daughter Molly Fries, working side-by-side to set the table for a truly different dining experience.

These key ingredients blended with the support of our friends and families (especially Bev's husband, Cliff Bruce and Molly's boyfriend, Raphael Fernandez), enable us to make the world just a little happier… one home-made dish a time!

Over the years, we've perfected our recipe for "Home-Made Happiness" and we think it looks a little something like this:
1) Fold in old friends with new
2) Bake up great food and good times
3) Serve in a relaxed, family atmosphere that feels just like home

  • Fold in old friends with new
    When you visit The Tearoom you'll not only taste the difference that home-made food makes, but you'll enjoy the personal attention that we strive to give each of our guests. Molly's passionate about getting to know all of her customers… their favorite things, what they like to eat, and what they like to drink. While many of our guests are "old friends" who come for the dishes they know and love, we're always thrilled to meet "new friends" and introduce them to the wonderful things Bev is whipping up back in her kitchen!
  • Bake up great food and good times
    Family recipes are like folklore, they're handed down through the years and each generation adds their own personal touch. Everything we serve is a time-honored traditional recipe you'll rarely see on "modern menus". Our classic dishes come from recipes that have been passed down through Bev's family, or given to us by friends and even customers. The Tearoom is our family's heart and home -- a gathering place where friends, families, and colleagues come together to unwind, laugh, and enjoy a true home-cooked meal in a place that's as close to home as anything you'll find!
  • Serve in a relaxed, family atmosphere that feels just like home
    What makes a visit to The Tearoom different is simple: if you're eating something - Beverly's the one that cooked it. You can go anywhere for a mass-produced, rubber-stamped, sandwich and soup… but it's just not memorable. When people come to The Tearoom, it REALLY is Beverly cooking in the kitchen and it REALLY is Molly serving by her side. We welcome our customers to be a part of our family, they in-turn invite us to be a part of theirs… and we wouldn't have it any other way.

About Bev Bruce
A little more about Beverly Bruce

A little more about Molly Fries

About Molly Fries
Bev is a local gal with a love for antiques, gardening and of course… cooking! Country Keepsakes began as a storefront where Bev was able to share her love of arts+crafts and home decor. Over the next few years, she discovered her passion for cooking and found that food… not unlike life… is better when surrounded by beautiful people and beautiful things. In 1990, she combined her love of food and home, and The Tearoom was born.
Molly has a natural love for entertaining and is passionate about making dining, parties and events of all sizes into amazing experiences. She grew up loving food, and has always helped her mom behind the scenes at Country Keepsakes. She pursued a career in hospitality, and uses that knowledge to bring a fine-dining perspective to the down-home cooking that Bev dishes up at The Tearoom each day.

What brings Bev and Molly together:

It has always been Beverly's dream to leave a legacy… that The Tearoom will be a part of people's memories and something they will talk about for years to come. It's Molly's dream to help Bev achieve all of her goals… and know that she had a part in it.

But perhaps what brings these two together the most is simply their absolute love of food.

They know that food, family, and a sense of home go hand-in-hand. After all, the kitchen is where everyone congregates… they just have a bigger kitchen... and there's plenty of room around their table for you and yours!

What brings Bev and Molly Together

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